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Workplace Health and Safety

How Safe is Your Attitude Today?

HAYLINK is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of excellence in the field of workplace health and safety and aims to be recognised as a leader in safety performance within the sector. 

Haylink Exclusion Zone

Diagram available for download (PDF 955KB)

Distances shown in the images are minimums. Safe un/loading may require setting of boundaries beyond those shown. The boundaries need to include transit to and from the truck to the designated stack.

Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor Agreement available for download (PDF 102KB)

HAYLINK is committed to the safety of all those affected by our operation and achieving Chain of Responsibility compliance. All subcontractors are required to download the Subcontractor Agreement. This agreement outlines subcontractors and their drivers of their responsibilities to minimise and control exposure to unsafe practices, fatigue, hazards and incidents.

PLEASE NOTE: Completion of the Subcontractor Agreement is compulsory.

Completed forms should be signed and returned via email to prior to undertaking any transport tasks.

Hay Consumer Safety Policy

HAYLINK actively promotes safety in all areas of the baled fodder supply chain. An attitude of safety is mandatory from the cutting of hay through the entire supply chain up until the feeding out to the livestock. At all stages measures will be taken to help ensure the safety of all of those involved either directly or indirectly as well as the broader community.

As one of the Eastern Seaboards largest marketers and handlers of baled fodder, HAYLINK asks that all links in the chain become proactively involved in this safety initiative. The adoption of this policy will raise the bar on measures the industry currently has in place.

Hay Consumers:

HAYLINK takes this opportunity to share with you the continual effort that has been put into you, the consumer, receiving a product that is safe to unload, store and feed to your livestock.

The producer of the hay has cut, raked then baled the hay with the utmost attention to detail to ensure not only the maximum nutritional content, but also bale integrity. The baled hay has been transported from the paddock and stacked with a focus on preserving that integrity. The baled hay was loaded by a skilled operator onto the truck within a safety exclusion zone. It was restrained onto the truck with 40% more restraints than required. This in conjunction with the trailer design and drivers’ skills and attention to detail results in this baled hay being delivered to you with continuous high prioritisation of safety.

HAYLINK asks that you, the end of the supply chain, adopt the same by adhering to HAYLINK’s Safety Policy and attitude when the truck is unloaded, your stack made and when being fed to your livestock.

Every other member of the supply chain’s conscientious effort will be rewarded with your attention to safety in these last few movements of the product.

Key to HAYLINK’s Safety Policy is the Loading/Unloading Procedure. HAYLINK has put into action an Exclusion Zone Policy which can be downloaded (PDF 102KB) or a copy can be requested via email from Please take the time to familiarise yourself and staff with it. 

By removing you, staff, your family, livestock and visitors from the Loading Zone, the risk of serious injury or death from falling bales or moving machinery is eliminated. It also gives the loader operator the ability to unload the truck concisely and without damage to the bale’s integrity and other machinery.

To enable the establishment of the HAYLINK Exclusion Zone, a flat area clear of obstructions and powerlines is required. If this is not possible near your shed or previous stack site then the hay will be required to be unloaded at a site that is suitable and restacked at a later time.

Please study the explanation of the Exclusion Zone, its minimum requirements and determine the best site for its implementation on your property. Please feel free to contact HAYLINK via email on or telephone 0438389757 for clarification.

Prior to the unloading of all trucks, the driver will undergo a Pre-Start Meeting with the Loader Operator and set the exclusion zone and its operation (including the UHF channel for communication).

PLEASE NOTE: HAYLINK will not attend a farm to load if an Exclusion Zone cannot be established. No unloading will occur until the pre-start meeting has been held and the exclusion zone established. Unloading will cease immediately if there is any breach of the exclusion zone.

An electronic copy of the HAYLINK Hay Loading /Unloading Standard Operating Procedure can be downloaded (PDF 941KB) or request for a copy to be sent to you via email Please familiarise yourself and staff with it. This document contains the operational details to be adhered to.

HAYLINK appreciates your important contribution to the safety of all the participants in the supply chain, and indeed the Broader Community.

In the event that your stack begins to lean, restack it to retain the remaining integrity and ensure a safe workplace.

Do not store baled hay outdoors as a long-term option. Bale integrity and fodder quality will be dramatically impacted. The stack will pose a real risk to you, your family, staff and livestock.

Take time to consider where you construct your stack.

Your small inconvenience could be the difference between a safe environment and a lifetime of grief for someone’s family.


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