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HAYLINK has a huge supplier base of hay and straw producers across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. HAYLINK has built strong relationships with a multitude of hay producers and transport operators based on honesty, integrity and prompt payment creating industry unrivalled access to hay supply and the strongest most reliable cost effective transport network in the business.

HAYLINK trades in all types of hay and straw almost exclusively in large square bales. Small compressed palletized bales are available upon enquiry for clients in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory.  These small compressed bales come neatly packed and wrapped on standard pallets for ultra ease of handling and maximum transport efficacy.

HAYLINK rarely trades in round baled hay as they are too expensive to transport more than short distance & do not deliver cost effective outcomes for clients.

HAYLINK’s unrivalled transport network allows customers to purchase better quality lines of hay and straw from further afield at competitive delivered prices rather than being forced to purchase more expensive inferior consignments from local sources.

All clients are kept fully informed of truck movements and arrival dates.  Managing Director, Alister Turner is available 24/7 to coordinate this.

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