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Q. How much protein does the hay have?

A. Protein levels are what many customers benchmark the quality of hay from & this can be very misleading!

Unfortunately protein levels alone are often a poor indication of overall hay quality & often inferior or weather damaged hay can display good protein levels from feedtests but are still largely unpalatable to livestock & visa versa many good & excellent palatable lines of hay are overlooked because of a lower protein test number.

There are 4 main things to consider when sourcing hay to achieve the best value feeding result.

1. Colour – Green is always good! Alister will provide a visual assessment colour score out of 10 with a 10 score being bright green pemium hay.

2. Aroma – Good fresh sweet smelling hay is vital to palatability! The 2 most indicative feedtest numbers of hay quality are

1. NDF. ( neutral detergent fibre) this count is directly relevant to palatability & digestibilty of the hay. the lower the number the better!

2. WSC. (water soluble carbohydrates) this is the sugar content of the hay & is reflected in all feedtests but is easily indicated by tasting the hay yourself!
The higher the test number the better!

Remember if it looks good, smells good & tastes good it is good! Green fresh smelling sweet tasting hay will always give good feeding results!


Q. How much will it cost per bale?

A. Many buyers buy at a bale rate price, never buy hay by the bale, always buy by the ton!

Standard 8x3x4 bales can vary from below 400kgs to over 700kgs!

I have witnessed far too many instances of buyers paying 50-100% more per ton by buying on a bale rate price instead of a ton rate price!

Best transport efficancies are achieve with heavyweight 8x3x4 bales

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