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HAYLINK has a fleet of its own trucks which allows HAYLINK to respond promptly to any volume of demand and deliver cost effective outcomes to clients located anywhere in Australia.  HAYLINK’s truck operators provide service with professional integrity and are there to deliver the highest standard of transportation service.

HAYLINK has now expanded to a fleet of nine trucks of their own specifically designed to carry hay and straw only to their customers as part of their supply chain. Some of the features of HAYLINK’s trucks are they are custom designed in their lengths so they can carry a maximum pay load, additional safety technology,  IAP satellite trackers, automatic transmission and driver comforts with larger bedding and icepack air-conditioners which help to reduce driver fatigue. Each truck has restraints on the exhausts to prevent fires. HAYLINK does not participate in the general freight market whatsoever.

All of HAYLINK’s trailers are custom designed specifically for carrying hay and straw. The Australian built trailers were built in by Barker Trailers in Victoria, under HAYLINK’s own custom design. The specifically designed trailers have a much lower deck height than a standard trailer and gives them the lowest centre of gravity in the industry, running on full profile tyres for maximum stability. All of the trailers are EBS braked, have maximum air bag suspension capabilities and sport additional fire restraints on the truck’s exhaust to prevent any fires. These superbly designed trailers have been built to carry loads of maximum height of 4.6 metres with the maximum safety weights which is far above industry standards.

HAYLINK’s new custom designed curtain sided trailers, engineered to the highest quality and safety standards by Barker Trailers breaks a new era in the delivery of high quality hay. Featuring pop top roofs for ease of loading and unloading and attaching load restraints. Combined with the lowest load carrying centre of gravity running on full size profile tyres in the industry, EBS braking and maximum capacity air bag suspension ensures your hay delivery will arrive clean dry & safely!

HAYLINK also uses an established network of predominately owner driven sub contractors when demand requires to ensure that client needs are met.

Managing Director Alister Turner states that any investment into compromise at any point in a supply chain only multiplies from that point on. What may appear as a large investment at the time on paper actually pays back major benefits as the supply chain goes on. One thing that HAYLINK won’t do is to invest any money into compromise whatsoever hence HAYLINK only runs top quality equipment, Australian-built Kenworth trucks and Barker trailers.

One of the other reasons HAYLINK is leading the way is because they run exclusively top quality tyres. These top quality tyres last three times longer and they give increased stability and less suspension wear and less fuel consumption.

It is Alister’s opinion, that a major cause of road transport accidents is due to poor and cheaper suspension capabilities that give poor stability coupled with cheap tyres which have low integrity and its a major cause of instability in loads, fires and premature failure of wheel bearings and the like.

HAYLINK has therefore built all of its equipment to the highest specifications with the best axles, best suspension and the best tyres. With these stand out features of HAYLINK’s equipment you can be assured HAYLINK will never invest anything into compromise.

HAYLINK has a fleet of Manitou Telehandlers which they can transport themselves to any job for loading hay and straw onto their own trucks and sub-contractors. This gives Managing Director, Alister Turner the unrivalled ability to move quickly between supply sources and conduct thorough inspections of hay and straw, rejection of damaged or inferior product & maximize loading of transport operators to achieve the highest level of transport efficancies and quality control.  This allows clients to confidently source better quality hay and straw from much further distances at competitive prices.


HAYLINK has no hesitation in relying on the Manitou Model MLT-X 840-140 PS+ for their needs. HAYLINK finds it by far the most efficient and productive machine on the market. Sporting an eight metre boom, with a four tonne lift capacity, HAYLINK finds it very fast and efficient. The racks on HAYLINK’S manitous are all set up with five bottom prongs and two stabilising prongs up top so they are capable of handling four bales at a time. These excellent machines handle these loads with ease, are very safe and are a vital part of our supply chain.

HAYLINK uses a Massey Ferguson cutter that features double steel conditioner rollers that conditions the product very effectively and very gently; combined with the disc mower of which we can adjust the pressure rollers according to the conditions and the thickness of the crop therefore giving the most gentle, fastest dry down time with least damage to the crop.

HAYLINK has a number of hayrakes. The one pictured below is a large 24 wheel Schinkel hayrake capable of raking at 44 feet wide. For lucerne production, we narrow it down to 22 feet wide which gives a very gentle action on the lucerne which HAYLINK finds the most effective way to bring the lucerne into a nice neat row without damaging the product.

HAYLINK uses high density 8 string Krone balers because it has the highest speed and density capacity of all balers and finds it far superior to all others on the market. HAYLINK chooses to couple their Krone balers to Fendt tractors and find this a harmonious combination. Fendt tractors give unrivalled fuel economy, driver comfort and reliability.

HAYLINK using the Mil-Stak Pull-Along Bale Wagon to assist to pick up and stack bales in an efficient and timely manner. The Mil-Stak Bale Wagon picks up bales the same direction as the baler places them in the paddock by clamping the sides of the bale, eliminating the need to drive cross-wise through the paddock or slide bales on the ground minimising dirt and debris into the hay. The single axle with large flotation tyres easily carries the load over any type of ground and does not damage the hay when making turns. The swinging hitch allows the HAYLINK Operator unmatched control for loading bales in any situation which makes it easy to get out of corners and from under wheel lines or pivots and to form perfectly straight uniform stacks.

In 2019, HAYLINK were the proud owners of the first self propelled Mil-Stak SP3255 bale stacker to ever be sold in Australia.

HAYLINK will deliver the right product at the best price on time every time guaranteed!


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