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HAYLINK MARKETING & LOGISTICS PTY LTD is a family operated Australian Company established in 2013.  HAYLINK is the number one supplier in the southern and eastern states specialising in the bulk supply of all varieties of hay and straw in large, square bales.

HAYLINK links the supply chain between between growers, transport operators and consumers. The development of strong established, high integrity relationships with all members of the supply chain allows HAYLINK to deliver unrivaled quality control, transport efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Product is sourced from a multitude of supply points across the southern and eastern states. HAYLINK prefers to trade predominately in premium, high quality lines of hay and straw but lesser quality product is always available. All hay and straw is personally inspected for quality by a member of the HAYLINK team ensuring accurate product description. Feed tests can be supplied to clients however nothing surpasses a physical and visual assessment which may identify factors that are not reflected in a feed test analysis.

In 2018, HAYLINK diversified by beginning to produce its own hay and straw to supply the market; overseen by Production Manager, Mason Turner. This internal production provides greater opportunity for quality control and higher bale weight.

Founder, and hands on Managing Director, Alister Turner engages directly with clients and members of the supply chain on a personal level and is contactable 7 days a week for a prompt response.

HAYLINK sincerely thank all past and present customers, suppliers and transport operators that have contributed to the evolvement of this great company.

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